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Professional services provided by some of my favorite people

Green Cleaners

Check out Press On Cleaners in San Mateo CA – it’s my girlfriend Julianna’s business! Press On Cleaners is a Demo site for Professional Wet Cleaning in Northern California which is coordinated by UCLA’s Sustainable Technology and Policy Program.


Ana Maria Sanchez – Free the Light Within!
Los Altos CA – Empowerment and Spiritual Guidance Counselor, Reiki Master Practitioner: Ana Maria is passionate about helping people release energy blockages within their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual being, allowing them to unveil and brightly shine their own unique light.

Cindy Sholes – Mind Wave Institute
Redwood City CA – Negative-Belief Elimination Sessions: Dr. Cindy specializes in using NeuroEmotional Technique and hypnotherapy to support you in overcoming subconscious obstacles to your goals. She helped me through two difficult life transitions and I trust her implicitly.
(650) 704-1252 or email: stellarhealth@yahoo.com

Denise Springer – Exploring the Mysteries
Redwood City CA – Tarot, Astrology or Dream Interpretation: Denise will gently help you understand emerging patterns in your life, using the realm of symbolism to learn more about yourself and your life patterns.
(650) 393-9360

Rachel Cooley – Angel Therapy Practitioner®
Palo Alto CA – Angel Communicator: Rachel taps into an unlikely resource – angels – offering blessings and guidance for overwhelmed women – especially moms.

Robyn Hessinger – Inspired Guidance
San Jose CA – Intuitive, Medium, Angel Communicator, and Healer: After nearly twenty years in the corporate world, most recently as editor-in-chief of a large Internet company, she stepped out of the metaphysical closet to be of service to others.


Cara Seaira O’Brien – Love Infinity, Holistic Healing ArtsfrontcutWM copy.jpg.opt454x454o0,0s454x454
San Francisco CA – Holistic Healing Massage with my daughter-in-love, a Certified Massage & Reiki Practitioner. Deep tissue integrated with energy. Have table will travel!
(631) 678-7591 or email: seaobe@gmail.com
Seaira is also a unique and wonderful artist, reflected in her unique and wonderful artwork: caraseaira.com

watch your step #8

Watch Your Step #8!

Corinne Friedman – Renewal Integrated Body Work
Palo Alto CA – Before my daughter-in-love manifested, I regularly saw Corinne for amazing Esalen style deep tissue massage in her quiet garden abode. She also specializes in acupressure reflexology and pre & post natal massage.
(650) 494-0660 or email: corinnerenewal@yahoo.com

Corinne is also an AMAZING artist with a shoe fetish: artfulshoes.com/default3.asp