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Professional services provided by some of my favorite people



Rachel Cooley – Angel Therapy Practitioner®
Palo Alto CA – Angel Communicator: Rachel taps into an unlikely resource – angels – offering blessings and guidance for overwhelmed women – especially moms.

Robyn Hessinger – Inspired Guidance
San Jose CA – Intuitive, Medium, Angel Communicator, and Healer: After nearly twenty years in the corporate world, most recently as editor-in-chief of a large Internet company, she stepped out of the metaphysical closet to be of service to others.


Cara Seaira O’Brien – Love Infinity, Holistic Healing ArtsfrontcutWM copy.jpg.opt454x454o0,0s454x454
San Francisco CA – Holistic Healing Massage with my daughter-in-love, a Certified Massage & Reiki Practitioner. Deep tissue integrated with energy. Have table will travel!
(631) 678-7591 or email: seaobe@gmail.com
Seaira is also a unique and wonderful artist, reflected in her unique and wonderful artwork: caraseaira.com

watch your step #8

Watch Your Step #8!


Corinne Friedman – Renewal Integrated Body Work
Palo Alto CA – Before my daughter-in-love manifested, I regularly saw Corinne for amazing Esalen style deep tissue massage in her quiet garden abode. She also specializes in acupressure reflexology and pre & post natal massage. renewalintegratedmassage.com
Corinne is also an AMAZING artist with a shoe fetish: artfulshoes.com/default3.asp