REQUIRED READING!!! A heartfelt thank you to Elizabeth Gilbert.

Author Elizabeth Gilbert just shared this most amazing Facebook post about women, vanity, beauty and judgement:


Elizabeth Gilbert telling it like it is

“No matter what you’re wearing, you are dressing up, too.
As the great drag queen RuPaul has said: “We are all born naked. Everything else is just drag.”
So be sympathetic. Everyone is facing her own battlefield in her own manner. And the only way you can express empathy about another woman’s vanity IS TO BE HONEST ABOUT YOUR OWN.
Once you have reached that place of authentic honesty about your own struggle, you will only ever show kindness toward your sisters.”

Ms. Gilbert is one of my favorite authors; she writes from the heart, and is not afraid to bare her soul to the world. That takes courage, compassion, and a really strong sense of self. More about Elizabeth Gilbert here:

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