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Eight years ago, I was invited to help introduce the United States to a unique new concept in social selling: encouraging healthy, holistic living through skincare sales, utilizing certified organic, fair trade and wild harvested ingredients – all non-GMO (a far cry from plasticware parties…) An established and respected (36+ years) British brand of ethical skincare, cosmetics and aromatherapy products, renowned in Europe for its gorgeous shops and holistic therapy rooms, was launching a social selling division in the U.S.

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To be honest, selling skincare is not my passion and “home parties” have never been my thing. However, after inspecting the company’s history and ethics, I became excited at the possibility of using these products as a tool to share what I’ve learned about living simply and sustainably with style. Here’s a great article which gives marvelous insight into the company, and the people behind it.

Most beauty companies use ingredients until they are proven unsafe. Neal’s Yard Remedies (known as NYR Organic in the U.S.) takes the opposite approach and follows the ‘Precautionary Principle’ – if an ingredient has not been proven to be safe, their formulators presume it is unsafe and won’t use it. It was named the world’s FIRST health & beauty company to achieve 100% for ethics in an independent audit by The Ethical Company Organisation, and has received that 100% rating 3 years in a row. The organic certification is provided by the U.K.’s leading organic organization, the Soil Association (

NYR Organic products are handmade from the finest natural and organic ingredients:

•no parabens,
• no GMOs,
• no synthetic fragrance,
• no nano,
• no silicones,
• no EDTA,
• no propylene glycol, carbomer, or acrylates,
• no BHT,
• no DEA, and of course-
• no testing on animals.

Who do you know that reads ingredient labels? Refuses to buy products containing parabens and harmful synthetics? Supports companies that exercise social responsibility? Please forward my URL to them!


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