what is “Anti-Ageing”?

I HATE THAT TERM. Let’s change it around. Let’s go the other way, and look at aging from our happy side. Let’s call wrinkles LAUGHTER LINES and respect our elders for their contributions to society, for their wisdom. It’s time to STOP marketing skin care as a cure for growing older, and market personal care products for what they are – products to clean, comfort and maintain healthy skin.

WHAT “ANTI-AGING” SKIN CARE PRODUCTS DO YOU — USE? Would you like to see a comparison of the ingredients in popular creams? This document highlights natural/synthetic chemical ingredients and ingredients of potential concern as noted in the “Dirty Dozen” list from the David Suzuki Foundation.


Keep a close eye on the number of RED ingredients (synthetic), and highlighted YELLOW ingredients (potentially toxic to the environment – and you…)

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